Fick en fråga om vilken naprapat jag går till. Jag har skrivit det förut men kan skriva det igen. Hon heter Sandra och håller till på Tegnérgatan 37. Vill ni ha hennes nummer så kan jag maila det om ni kommenterar. Hon är tjej, duktig på träning. Knäcker, masserar, utför akupunktur mm. Jag tycker att hon är fantastisk!


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  • @Taffebygger skriver:

    Tack! Maila gärna numret.

  • :) skriver:

    How many tattoos do you have? pictures of them? what does they mean to you or what is them story?:) I love your blog!<3

  • Melanie skriver:

    Hi! I really love your blog and what you do and because of that I wanted to ask you, if you know some tips for my?! I do 4 times a week sport, like running, cycling (indoor) and squats (and stuff like this) and some weight training! 6 days a week I eat healthy: fruits, vegetables and some bread, in the morning and yoghurt (nature)…one day I eat whatever I want 🙂
    So, the fact is, that I don’t lose weight! I do this since 4 months and nothing happend?! My weigth is 69kilogramm and I’m 1,75m tall….If you know something I would be very, very happy 🙂

    Thank you and of course for your blog and your inspiration!! 🙂

  • Anna skriver:

    Skulle gärna ha hennes nummer.
    Tack för all inspiration 🙂
    Kram, Anna.

  • Gianna skriver:

    52 Kilo and 1,67m ??? you know that you still very underweight…and you think your body looks now normal and all that and that you dont want to gain more because its enough? you really really have a completely false outlook on bodys and how you think a ”normal” body looks….i mean how do you call then girls who really have a normal body weight? over weight or what? i think your brain is a bit like the brain of anorexic/Orthorexia girls

    • Alexandra Bring skriver:

      So what’s normal according to you? Please tell me. 🙂 My body looks like mine. There is nothing normal. If it doesn’t fit you, there’s a ot of other fitness blogs you can read!

    • Melanie skriver:

      I really don’t know what your problem is; she looks fantastic and not to skinny or underweight! I think she has a sporty and slim body!

    • Andromeda18_ skriver:

      You call Alexandra underweight and you don’t even know what that means. Weighing 52Kg and being 1.67m means her body mass index (the BMI) is 18.65. The BMI for normal weight is between 18.5 and 24.9, so from a medical point of view her weight is normal for her height. Alexandra does have an obviously low percentage of body fat, but judging from the way she looks I’d say it’s still within healthy values. If her body fat percentage was too low she’d look incredibly ripped.

      Other things to consider are how strong and healthy Alexandra seems to be. She’s in better shape than the vast majority of us and, as she herself says, is healthy and feels good about herself. So what’s your problem?

    • Natasha skriver:

      I think your just jealous of her body image that is why you have nothing better to say 😉

    • carrie skriver:

      She has a petite frame, small bone structure and naturally lean muscle that does not make her anorexic. Do your research before judging. Their are women built this way naturally.

  • Sofie skriver:

    Hey Alexandra.
    What a great idea 🙂 I would really like to know your measurements. You know around your waste, hips, shoulders and thighs. I know it’s a very private thing to share, so I can understand if you don’t want to.

    You’re such a big inspiration to me and I love your blog!

    Sofie 🙂

    • dingding skriver:

      Waste means poo. Why do you need to know her measurements? So you can compare them to yours? If her waist is smaller than yours, will you feel bad? If her chest is bigger than yours, will you feel like you are not valuable and that your chest should be bigger too? Why not concentrate on the message she puts out, that one should strive for progress, to live healthier, to lift more weight, to eat healthier (not less). It always makes me wonder when questions like these are asked so sorry for the novel. Why not just strive to be the absolute best YOU YOU can be and not compare yourself to others, especially in terms of appearance. Strive to be better, to do more, to take space in this world.

  • Ida skriver:

    Jag har också väldigt sned rygg och det har blivit ett vardagsproblem för mig då jag i land kan få så ont att jag inte kan röra på mig. Skulle ÄLSKAT om du kunde göra en video där du visar lätta övningar man kan göra hemma, men också några svårare, för att stärka ryggen? (Framförallt ländryggen!)

  • Lotta skriver:

    Hey Alexandra,

    I don’t know if you posted it, but where did you buy those wonderful summer nikes?
    They’re adorable… You’re blog is so cool, thanks for making me a ifbb athlete 🙂

  • olivia skriver:

    You look fab as usual ! Is this pic took in Barcelona’s streets ?

  • Elvira skriver:

    Sååå snygg! Du är en stor förebild för mig och har inspirerat mig sen jag började läsa din blogg. Skön tjej med härlig inställning, grymt driv och en riktigt snygg kropp. Gillar dig starkt :p

  • Michelle skriver:

    Hej! Jag skulle jättegärna ta emot numret till din naprapat 🙂
    Tack för en grym blogg! Du ger så mycket inspiration!

  • Julia skriver:

    Så himla snygg! Fattar inte att folk ska hålla på och tjaffsa om vikt osv, det viktigaste är att man mår bra och är hälsosam vilket du är och vilket du själv vet om. Okej ärligt talat var det inte därför jag skulle kommentera detta inlägg utan snarare fråga vart shortsen kommre ifrån heh. Ha en bra dag!

  • Jenny skriver:

    Vart har du köpt dina skor? Tips på någon bra sida som säljer snygga nike-skor? 🙂

  • ipek skriver:

    Hi from Turkey!!
    do u train ur arms? They look great? Not too much. You keep ur femmine look. If you train How do u train them. And ur legs of course. Do u cut all isolatiob exercises for legs or u just do high reps?
    Thank u


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