Q/A – personal trainer?

Hi alex! I was reading through your old blog posts and wondered what ever happened to your PT school and becoming a PT? I have always wondered as I remember you studying a lot!

Hej Alex! Jag läste dina gamla blogginlägg och undrar vad som hände med din PT-skola och att bli PT? Jag har alltid undrat eftersom jag minns att du pluggade mycket! 

I did finish my school and I never had any interested as working as a PT with individual clients 🙂 I felt like I needed the knowledge for my work with my blog and also for my workout trips. I wanna learn more and more about the body and make sure I understand how everything works. I always wanna learn more, and going to my chiropractor, personal trainers etc has also helped me become better. There’s so much to learn and I wanna keep learning all the time. Now I focus a lot on reading about pregnancy training while I help my sister at the gym. I love to learn new things! 

Jag gick klart min PT-skola och jag hade aldrig som avsikt att jobba som PT med individuella kunder 🙂 Jag kände att jag behövde det för mitt jobb med min blogg och mina träningsresor. Jag vill lära mig mer och mer om kroppen och se till att jag vet hur den fungerar. Jag vill alltid lära mig mer, och att gå till min kiropraktor, personliga tränare etc hjälper mig också att bli bättre. Det finns så mycket att lära sig och jag vill fortsätta med det hela tiden. Nu fokuserar jag t ex mycket på gravidträning när jag hjälper min syrra på gymmet. Jag älskar att lära mig saker!

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  • Ella-May skriver:

    Hi Alex!!

    I love it when you answer questions in detail on your blog. I have a couple of questions that maybe you could do a blog post on? I hope you do not mind me asking this

    1) I know you do collaborations and you have BSW, but do you mind me asking how else do bloggers on instagram make an income? I am just very interested on how money is made because you don’t seem to plug sponsors (which I like, makes you more genuine and not someone in it to make money, that is why I follow!) but you have beautiful clothes, hair, go on amazing trips, I am just wondering how an instagrammer can afford all that?

    2) How do you edit your photos? What programme do you use? And any tips for taking photos, any angles, light etc you always look flawless.

    3) Any tips for someone starting blogging or instagramming?

    4) Do you enjoy your work and if so what keeps you motivated and inspired?

    5) You used to focus very heavily on the gym wen your blog started many years ago (I have followed you from the start :D)!! And now it is more a lifestyle blog with food, fitness etc it is nice to see how you have gone on your journey. That isn’t even a question…I just want to say how I admire you doing what you do because you don’t alter your blog to please people, you do it for you!!

    Love following you! xx

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